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The Markov Moment Problem and Extremal Problems

Chebyshev and A.

The Markov Moment Problem and Extremal Problems

Markov is considered from the more modern point of view. It is shown how results and methods of the generalized moment problem are interlaced with various questions of the geometry of convex bodies, algebra, and function theory. From this standpoint, the structure of convex and conical hulls of curves is studied in detail and isoperimetric inequalities for convex hulls are established; a theory of orthogonal and quasiorthogonal polynomials is constructed; problems on limiting values of integrals and on least deviating functions in various metrics are generalized and solved; problems in approximation theory and interpolation and extrapolation in various function classes analytic, absolutely monotone, almost periodic, etc.

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Minimax interpolation of harmonizable sequences

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Krein, An analogue of the Chebyshev-Markov inequalities in the one-dimensional boundary problem , Dokl. Krein, The description of all solutions of the truncated power moment problem and some problems of operator theory , Mat. Krein, The Chebyshev-Markov inequalities in the spectral theory of the string , Mat.