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Flexure elements guide the magnesium mounting table and minimize unwanted cross-axis acceleration. Test masses up to kg. No hydraulics, no oil. Extremely quiet!

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The A to Z of the Shakers -

Even driftwood or industrial-style lights often go well with the Shaker style. The coarser look deliberately breaks with the pastel basic colors and thus often represents a highlight in the room. On the walls, in the traditional Shaker style, patterns and ornaments are usually left out.

The A to Z of the Shakers The A to Z Guide Series

The modern Shaker furniture style works with simple borders and pastel colors to give the interior a more modern touch. Lush ornamentation and decors are often found only in detail, e. Of course, if you want to set yourself up in Shaker style, there are also some companies that have dedicated themselves to this style.

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Shaker Furniture Style. What makes the Shaker furniture style so popular and how it developed.

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Key characteristics of the Shaker furniture style. Technical Terms. Specialized Knowledge. Tips for buying Lamps. History of lighting. Light bulb variants compared. LED technology compared. Fluorescent tubes and their technology. How do transformers work? What does the IP code mean? Protection areas in bathrooms.

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How does a Dimmer work? Smart Lighting: 4 Systems explained. What is Human Centric Lighting? Home electricity costs compared. Furnishing tips for office lighting. Tips for LED Christmas lighting.