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Nanocomposite Materials -2

Posted May 16, Replies 1 Views Need help with microshear bands in polymers. Posted Aug 5, Replies 1 Views 2K.

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Polymer Question. Posted Jul 21, Posted May 11, Replies 2 Views Hot Threads Material as thin as a drinking straw and as flexible as a latex tube?

Rubber-clay nanocomposites

Started by SamWedge Jun 10, Replies: Materials and Chemical Engineering. Heat exchangers and energy balances Started by saratavares May 30, Replies: Started by metallurgy Jun 12, Replies: Describe the relationship between temperature and specific volume? NL EN. Summary: This highlights ongoing research efforts on different aspects of polymer nanocomposites and explores their potentials to exhibit multi-functional properties.

In this context, it addresses both fundamental and advanced concepts, while delineating the parameters and mechanisms responsible for these potentials.