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Watch our Demo Courses and Videos. So let us see what the advantages of Microsoft Powerpoint are and why we should use it frequently. Following is the course curriculum and its details for the Free Online Powerpoint Training Course:.

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In this tutorial we are going to get a detailed understanding of what is PowerPoint. Moving forward we are going to understand what are the uses of powerpoint and where can we put it to use to make our presentations better. Here in this tutorial we are going to see the topics like Getting started with powerpoint Then we are going to learn the backstage of powerpoint. Here you will be taught how to start with the powerpoint slides.

Here we are going to mainly see the following two concepts: 1. Learning the backstage of powerpoint.

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Here we will first start by learning how to add slides. After this we are going to see how to use outline view and rearranging and deleting slides. This tutorial mainly describes the concepts of formatting the slides. The formatting styles that we are going to see are 1. This tutorial mainly concerns with the bullets and numbering.

How to Export Notes and Handouts to Word from Microsoft PowerPoint

There are different types or bullets and numbering styles present. You can make use of the style of your requirement according to the content that you want to put in the slides. Changing Slide Background is a very important concept and can make your presentations more effective if used in a proper way.

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Thus in this tutorial we are going to see different options of backgrounds and how to change them and put them in use in your presentation or slides. Many of us require the presentations which have the company logo or any other image as per the requirement.

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In this tutorial we are going to see how to add logo in the slides and the effective ways to do it. Adding Tables and Charts and coping tables and charts directly from excel.

2) Inserting Shapes

This can be anything from text to a video, or even the individual shapes in a SmartArt diagram. As you can see, the gallery of available shapes is very extensive.

Once you have selected your chosen shape, you can just click in your slide to insert a default version of the shape or, to set a particular size and position, click and drag with the mouse to create the shape and size you want. Here are two content type icons which appear in new content Placeholders for inserting pictures. Alternatively, the Illustrations group of the Insert ribbon tab includes the same two tools.

You can also copy any image and just paste it directly to a slide.

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Insert Picture from File allows you to browse to an image file saved somewhere on your system whereas Clip Art is held in an indexed gallery of different media types. Once you have found the image you want to use, click on it to insert it into the current slide. You can now re-size and move the image accordingly with further editting options available when you right click the desired image.

Properly used, slide transitions can be make your presentations clearer and more interesting and, where appropriate, more fun. Badly used, the effect of slide transitions can be closer to irritating or even nauseating.