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I guess we'll both have to watch and find out! I think he must! I was a teenager at the time and not much in my life had gone according to plan. I always loved history, but I never read books that spoke to me in a way I could visualize and believe in until your Sharpe series entered my collection. I have read each book several times and finally convinced my wife she too needed to share in this experience.

If you were to rank your favorite characters, how would you rank your favorites? My wife did finally listen to every Sharpe book with me. Just a few weeks ago we finished the last book together.

Series: Richard Nottingham series

Even though they have a "happy" ending, we were deeply saddened at the prospect of ending the series that entertained our stressful work nights, road trips, and entertained our weekends for the past year. Three summers ago, Derfel's narration was the soundtrack to painting the exterior of our house.

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We cried when Derfel cried for Dian Your books are more than stories to us, we can look back at our time together and anchor your stories to significant parts of our life together. You have imprinted a great and positive series of memories for us that have fused your stories with the story of our life Our son who is 7 thinks every book we listen to is Sharpe, and while he isn't the first person in the house to ask for your stories, even he leans in to hear what is happening and finds similarities.

He feels he is written into Patrick Harper's character since Patrick is his middle name. In another ten years, maybe he will be like me at 17 and find great stories and a dear friend in the Sharpe series too. In "Sharpe's Company," when Wellington says, "If Wellington had had 1, Sharpes, the city might be his," I often chuckle, because I think I've listened to your books nearly 1, times, so by now, the city is his. You must prioritise! First of all I just want to say how much I have absolutely enjoyed your Saxon Tales series.

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My question is: How do you intend to reconcile the fact that Uhtred is getting very old particularly for his time period where life spans were short and he is probably three to four times the expected , arguably too old to fight battles and lay siege, for this upcoming book and any future books of this series?

I have just finished "War of the Wolf" this morning and one more time i really enjoyed reading your work. I'm looking forward to be able the next one "Sword of Kings". Do you know how many books left do you have to write about Uhtred? If i remember well a long time ago you said that there will be 12 of them. I can't believe it , it's amazing how time flies, but the next one is number Is it really going to be the last one???

I like as well the TV series, i thought it was going a challenge to be as good as the books, but it is indeed very good. Unfortunately i haven't seen season 3, as i am now leaving in Norway and here it has been delayed. Thank you for your amazing books! I'm really looking forward to the release of Sword of Kings. Is this going to be the last Uhtred book in the series or will there be more? Sword of Kings is not the last book of the series. I am writing the next one now First thanks for this magnificent sight with so many questions answered. About Uhtred carrying and using long a long sword.

I have read or watched on line a lot of discussion about using a back scabbard. I am sure that you wrote a sequence about the reasons for Uhtred having a long and a short sword and the reason for using a back scabbard. As I recall Uhtred used the short sword in close quarters and shield walls. I believe Uhtred describes carrying the long sword at the waist as usual when in towns or castles but across the back when riding. The long sword itself being useful for combat while riding not exactly cavalry and against individuals or small groups. Also carrying both swords on the back in combat so that either could be drawn during the press of battle.

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Could you please tell me where this sequence is in your books and any references you might be able to provide which lead you to give Uhtred manner of using arms. Separately I have noticed that rubbings or pictures of knights and lords buried with their swords often show the person being buried holding their sword in front of them with two hands rather like the Academy Awards Oscar statue. In early and medieval England could this be a lingering belief in Odin?

I think the film-makers just like the idea and it certainly makes a good image! I usually describe him as wearing Serpent-Breath in a scabbard at his waist.

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Maybe I said differently in an early book? I wanted to thank you for writing the Last Kingdom series of novels. They are crackers and Uhtred and his son Uhtred are great characters.