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I was startled by how many questions they started asking me and it dawn on me that people are rarely trained on how to give feedback.

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Instead, people are usually guided by conventional wisdom or gut instinct. Everyone knows the feedback sandwich. In theory it is great — most feedback tends to downplay what you are good at. However, it may offer a false sense of accomplishment that the content of your message is in fact valuable. At worst, the feedback sandwich protects someone from constructive feedback that would help them improve, not to mention someone at risk of losing their job.

This has not been a good year for the annual performance review.

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What do the following companies have in common? You guessed it. Within the past three years, all of them have eliminated annual performance reviews. Research from CEB a best practice insight company shows why this is happening:. However, lets not jump to conclusions. Many leading thinkers are railing against the annual performance review, but I think it may be getting a raw deal. It is likely a symptom of broader failed performance management systems and processes and likely not the root cause of the problems.

This type of bold action is likely necessary to signal to their organization that they want to move in a new direction.