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Even with these tools, however, there may be situations where the developer would like to add even more functionality not already provided by the MS Access development tools.

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For example, the developer may wish to automatically correct bad data before it is saved in the database, show an alert if a business rule is violated, help the user navigate from one data entry form to another or launch a report with some custom filters. The way to accomplish such customization is by adding code using the Visual Basic for Applications programming language.

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There are many tutorials that introduce Basic programming. Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Access. If you have found something useful or entertaining on holowczak. Define and use an object variable 3m 57s. Repeat a task using a For…Next loop 5m 5s.

Step through all items of a collection using a For…Each loop 4m 59s. Repeat a task using a Do…While loop 5m 32s. Perform a task when conditions are met using an If…Then statement 6m 20s. Select actions using a Case statement 6m 17s. Step through a subroutine or function 5m 16s. Set breakpoints in your code 3m 48s. Verify output using the Immediate window 7m 11s. Watch a value in a routine 4m 53s. Open a form 4m 6s.

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Open a report 4m 29s. Open a table 3m 30s. Open a query 3m 59s. Close an object 6m 36s.